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Title: Why I like you [1/?] Pairing: [Main]KyuMi,…

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Title: Why I like you [1/?]
Pairing: [Main]KyuMi, [Main]ChulMi, [Main]KyuMin JaeChul, SiHan, KangTeuk,
Rating:PG-NC-17 [Depends on the chapter]
Genre: Smut [this chapter] Angst, fluff, crack
Summary: Zhou Mi, a high school student, has to move from China to Korea. His attempts at blending in are ruined when he befriends the school’s evil whore Heechul, the sexy drug dealer Kyuhyun, the manly model Siwon, and the gay foreign kid Hangeng. Before he knows it, he is in love with two of them and a choice has to be made.


I didn’t even want to move to Korea, let alone get stuck going to an all boys’ school. I didn’t want to start over and make new friends. I was perfectly happy in China, and yet, here I was, trapped against a bathroom wall with some pretty boy holding my arms above me and suckling at my neck while some wanna-be female started to unzip my pants. I tried to struggle, tired to scream, but pretty boy was stronger then me and every time I opened my mouth he would shove his tongue in.

The wanna-be pulled my cock free and I jumped as he wrapped his warm mouth around it. The pretty boy smirked as I blushed.

            “Would you look at that ‘Rella, he likes it” he laughed

            “Of course he likes like Jae. I’m magic!” ‘Rella smiled before returning my member to his mouth. Jae had started to lift my shirt and before I had a chance to think of pushing him away his lips latched around my nipple and, against my will, I let out a soft moan. They both laughed in satisfaction as I whimpered. I felt their manipulation start to affect me, I couldn’t breath, and my heart was pounding as my body responded to every touch. I was ready to lose it when I felt something circling my entrance.

            “No, please…” I panted, though it felt so good. Off in the distance a bell rang and the hallway was filled with laughter and voices.

            “Fuck!” ‘Rella groaned “I guess we’re done here.” The two quickly redressed me and adjusted themselves to cover up what had just happened.

            “If you ever want to finish what we stared” The female-wanna be began, “just ask for Heechul.” He smiled and kissed me softly. His lips where warm and tender, and, for a moment, I let myself kiss him back before pushing him away.

            “Rella! We are going to be late for class!” Jae grabbed Heechul’s hand and pulled him out the door. I stood there, shocked as to what had just happened. I didn’t know what to think. I was pretty sure that I was just violated, but, part of me had liked it. I shook my head in disgust and walked towards the door, but slammed into someone.

            “Oh, sorry!” I apologized and looked up at him. He was beautiful. His dark hair brushed against his even darker eyes. He glared at me and pushed me out of the way.

            “Don’t worry about it Hyung. You are going to be late to class if you don’t hurry.” His voice was deep and comforting. Even with my limited knowledge in Korean, I could tell that he was speaking informally. And, he had called me Hyung, which meant that he was a younger classman. I wanted to stay and talk to him, find out his name, but my inner perfect student was screaming about the possibility of being late to class. I took off running down the hall, still thinking about that boy.



            I spent the next few days avoiding Heechul and trying my hardest to just blend into the crowd. I was little trouble adjusting to my new classes, and more trouble adjusting to the new people. I had made one friend so far, another transfer student from China. I think the fact that we were both outsiders in this country is what made us bond.

            “Hey, Geng, what should we do this weekend?” I asked him, in Chinese, as I sat down at our lunch table. He smiled at me and shook his head.

            “Sorry Mi, but I have a martial arts competition this weekend, and” he paused and blushed, leaning in close to me and whispering “I have a date!” he blushed. Hangeng could be so cute sometimes, almost childlike.

            “That’s great! Who with?” I never saw Hangeng talking to any of the girls in the school, so I wondered if she was from a different school. Hangeng shook his head and moved away from me.

            “I can’t tell. Not yet.” His eyes glazed over as he pushed his food around his plate.

            “Ok,” I sighed. He seemed nervous, almost secretive, but I wasn’t too worried.

            “Well, hello there beautiful.” I heard a cold voice mutter as I felt a hand slide down my back before stopping to rest just above my butt. I turned and come face to face with Heechul. “Where have you been all week? I have been trying to find you. We have some unfinished business, you know.” His smile dripped with lust and his lips looked so delicate and pink. For a moment I let myself recall those lips wrapping around me and sucking until I was crazy, and then kissing me. I shook my head to snap out of it before turning back to my food.

            “We don’t have any business.” I mumbled in Korean and Heechul just laughed, placing a hand on my inner thigh. He leaned in close and whispered in my ear. His hot breath caused me to shiver. Oh god, he was turning me on.

            “I think we both know that you want to finish what we started.” He quickly moved away from me and took a pen from his pocket. He took my hand and scribbled an address on it. “Meet me here after school.” He leaned in and kissed my cheek. “And, that’s not request.” He stood, tossed a smile Hangeng’s way and left. Geng just stared at me for a moment before exploding in a rush of Chinese.

            “What was that?!”

            “It’s nothing Geng.”

            “You’re lying, something is going on between you and Heechul!”

            “No. There is nothing going on so just drop it.”

            “Mi, I didn’t know you where gay!”

            “I AM NOT GAY!” I snapped. I just wanted to finish my lunch in peace. Geng looked at me, tears forming in his eyes.

            “Is there something wrong with being gay?” he asked, trying not to look upset. I sighed and shook my head.

            “There is nothing wrong with it, Geng, I’m just not gay, ok?” he nodded, said good-bye and left the table


            After school I wandered the town, looking for the address Heechul had given me. I was going to tell him off, tell him that I wasn’t gay and that I wanted him to leave me alone. At least, that’s what I planned to tell him.

            I found the house in a seedy part of town; it looked like it had at one time been a bar. The music from within was loud and so my knocking went unheard. Determined to get Heechul off my back, I decided to just walk in. The room was crowded with people, some I recognized from school, and others I had never seen before. Off in the corner I noticed the boy I had run into in the bathroom, he had some pink, bunny dressed boy wrapped around his arms. He was whispering in the bunny’s ear, making him blush a deep shade of red. I couldn’t stop myself from watching as the boy’s hand carefully moved under the table, causing the bunny to jump and his eyes glaze over. The boy then turned his head and his gaze fell on me. I wanted to look away, embarrassed, but I couldn’t move. His glare kept me frozen in place. He smiled at me and winked before turning his attention to the bunny-boy’s neck.

            “That’s Kyuhyun and Sungmin” I heard Heechul whisper, seductively in my ear. “They’ve had an on/off thing going on for months now. Kyuhyun supplies the local gang’s with their drug fix and Sungmin supplies them with their sex fix, which of course pisses Kyuhyun off to no end. Recently he’s taken a liking to claiming Sungmin as his property by having all sorts of crazy public sex. Not that any one here minds it.” He laughed and took my hand, pulling me towards a door behind the bar. I was shocked as to how no one seemed to care what those two were doing; drugs, prostitution, and public sex? Weren’t those all crimes? I wanted to ask Heechul, but he had already pulled me into a quiet room and locked the door behind him. I gulped and looked around me. The room was mostly bare, except for a bed and a lamp next to it. Heechul slinked over and turned the lamp on, filling the room with a soft blue light. He turned, grabbed my arm and pulled me over to him.

            “Listen Heechul, I want you to know that I am not gay.” I spoke fast. Heechul laughed, pushed me on the bed and slithered his hands up my shirt.

            “Neither am I.” he smirked and started to suckle at my neck. I groaned and tried to push away as I felt heat rising in my and my blood rushing to my lower body.

            “Listen, I don’t want to do this” my voice was shaky and weak. Heechul laughed again, cupped the growing bulge in my pants and whispered “you’re mouth lies, but your body speaks your true desires.” Before I could protest more his lips attacked mine. Like last time they where soft and warm, but now they were less kind and more urgent, almost like he needed me. His hands where warm on my chest as he lifted my shirt higher and higher, breaking his kiss only for a moment, to strip it off of me, and then returned his lips to mine. His tongue traced my bottom lip, begging for entrance. Without thinking I opened my mouth and his tongue greedily slipped into my mouth. It swirled and twirled in my mouth, dancing with my own. He tasted like coffee and sugar, bitter and sweet. I wanted to struggle, to fight him off, but his fingers twisted around my nipple and I lost all urges to stop him. As he pinched, moaned and pushed my hips towards his, trying to find some kind of friction to easy the ache between my legs. He pushed off of me and I protested at the loss of warmth, until he started to kiss down my stomach. I groaned and tangled my fingers in his long hair as he unzipped my pants.

            “Wait!” I panted, my senses coming back to me. “I can’t do this…” I pushed myself up on my elbows and looked at him. There was amusement in his eyes as he continued to palm my erection through my pants, making it hard to concentrate.

            “You’re lying to me.” He carefully removed my last few items of clothing. I was now laying naked and clearly horny. Heechul seemed pleased with my body and with himself as he began to slowly strip in front of me. His stomach was thin, but defined, his arms and legs where toned and beautiful. Finally, he was just as naked as I was, and just as turned on.

            “You know, seeing you bite your lip like that is really driving me crazy.” He laughed and pressed his warm skin against mine. I didn’t even know that I had been biting my lip, but once again Heechul had caused me to lose all focus and will to escape. He flipped me over, so that I was on top of him and softly gave me a push. I had watched enough porn in my time that I knew what he wanted. Slowly I kissed my way down his stomach until I reached his well endowed cock. Copying what he had done to me in the bathroom before, I slipped it into my mouth. The skin was soft and velvety, the taste was sweet, with a slight hint of sweat. I began to suck and bob my head up and down, using every bit of knowledge that I had about this sort of thing, which wasn’t a lot. But it seemed to be enough as Heechul inhaled sharply and moaned. I ran my tongue over the slit at the top and giggled as he twitched. I kept this up for a while until he pushed me away, my saliva leaving a sheen on his member. He flipped me over again and towered over me for a moment before jumping from the bed and digging through his pants.

            “What. . .are you doing?” I moaned a little, my voice begging for him to return.

            “Oh shut up.” He laughed as he squeezed something from a small bottle onto his hand. He stood in front of me and slowly stroked his length, letting out a low groan and causing me to lick my lips at the delicious sight. Then, ever so carefully, he placed himself at my entrance. My eyes grew wide, my breathing all but stopped.

            “Wait!” I shouted. Heechul just leaned down and pressed his lips against mine and slowly began to push into me. I cried out against his mouth, but he continued to kiss me. After what seemed like forever, he was finally all the way in me. He paused and whispered in my ear “This is the part where it starts to feel good”. His voice was so low and husky, my cock wouldn’t stop twitching, begging to be touched. He began to pull out, and I braced myself for the pain, but, it didn’t hurt as much. In fact, there was a slight hint of pleasure behind it. He slammed into me, causing me to scream in joy, and I was happy that no one could here me over the music from the next room. Heechul took my cock in his hand and began to pump it to the rhythm of his pounding into me. I couldn’t stop from moaning as he latched onto my neck again. He was nibbling and sucking and panting into my neck as I moaned and dug my fingers into his back. I had never felt this good before, never in my life had I ever experienced this feeling. I felt firing rising in my body, ready to explode.

            “I think I am going to…” I said in Chinese, unable to even think of the words in Korean. I knew that he couldn’t understand what I had said, but there was no mistaking my tone. He laughed, licked my ear and whispered,

            “Just let your body go” and with those words I came, making a mess all over Heechul’s chest and hand. Moments later I felt myself being filled as he came too.

            We lay there, panting, sweaty and breathless for a while. Then, Heechul stood up, pulled a towel from under the bed and wiped himself off. He tossed the towel to me and started to get dressed.     

            “Clean yourself up and I’ll meet you out there” He winked and left the room. Following his orders I wiped myself clean of sweat and cum before dressing and leaving. Outside the door Heechul took my hand and led me out of the building.

            “What’s you name?” he asked me as he opened the door and the cold night air hit my skin.

            “Zhou Mi” I couldn’t believe that I had just had sex with someone who didn’t even know my name.

            “Cute name kid. Listen, don’t come looking for me, when I want you, I will come find you, understand.” And with that he pushed me out the door and closed it behind me. I stood, shocked for a moment.

            “So, your ‘Rella’s new play thing huh?” a deep, soothing voice questioned. I turned to fined Kyuhyun staring at me.


            “’Rella. It’s what we all call Heechul. Man, do I feel bad for you. Jae was his last toy, and he never got over it. He still does anything that ‘Rella says” he chuckled. His laugh was as beautiful as the rest of him. I was amazed as to how someone so good looking could be a drug dealer. “Zhou Mi, was it?” he asked, all I could do was nod “You’ve got some drama headed your way with that one. Lemme give you some advise,” he leaned in close, his breath was hot on my neck and I blushed “Don’t fall in love with him.” He kissed my cheek, moved me out of the way, and walked back into the party. I was left alone, marveling over how soft his lips where.


  • Oh..this is avery interesting plot. KyuMi...love them. Can't wait for the next chapter.
  • XD...poor Mimi... being sucked into a world without even really having a say in it ...

    Geng is adorable XD... (had to be said)

  • I really liked this.
    Normally this POV wouldn't fit but it totally works.

  • heechul is a bastard huh? lol
    it's always good to read afic about my 4ever love mimi
    I hope he won't get hurt by heechul thought
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