ZhouLove (zhoulove) wrote,

Title: Why I like you [3a/10]
Pairing: KyuMi, HeeMi, KyuMin [Main]
 JaeChul, SiHan, KangTeuk, YeHenWook, SungChul, EunHae [Minor]
Rating: PG-NC-17 [Depends on the chapter]
Genre: Smut [this chapter] Angst, fluff, crack
Summary: Zhou Mi, a high school student, has to move from China to Korea. His attempts at blending in are ruined when he befriends the school’s evil whore Heechul, the sexy drug dealer Kyuhyun, the manly model Siwon, and the gay foreign kid Hangeng. Before he knows it, he is in love with two of them and a choice has to be made.
A/N: Sorry that it's taken me sooooo long to update. School is killing me, and I know that this chapter is short, but I wanted to get something up for everyone who is waiting, so here you go. Chapter 3a. I PROMISE with all my heart that Chapter 3b will be up before long. Enjoy



The next day at school I was ambushed in the bathroom by Heechul. He pushed me up against the very same wall where we had first met. His warm body pressed against mine and his lips lingered below mine, begging to be kissed. Heechul’s bittersweet sugar and sweat scent filled the air around me as he whispered.

            “Where the fuck where you after school?” his lips inched closer with each word.

            “I went with Hangeng to a friend’s house.” I stuttered and pressed my lips to his, not being able to control myself for a second longer. Heechul bit my lip and pushed away.

            “You owe me. I wanted to spend some quality time with you last night. Let’s go!” he snapped, taking me hand and dragging me out of the bathroom.

            “Go where?”

            “Shopping. You are going to help me pick out a new outfit as payback for ditching me.” He laughed as he pulled me along like an obedient puppy.

            “But, we have classes.” I mumbled halfheartedly, knowing that it was useless to try and argue with Heechul.

            “Like I care about classes. With everyone in school, all the best deals will be mine.” He laughed. I rolled my eyes and groaned, not willing to admit to myself that I was actually looking forward to spending time with him.


            “Zhou, what do you think of this outfit?” Heechul asked as he stepped from the dressing room. He was wearing skin tight leather pants, a leopard print shirt and matching cowboy hat. The shirts top five buttons where undone, giving me a clear view of his brilliant chest, causing my pants to tighten a bit. Heechul seductively danced over to me and carefully sat in my lap with a smile.

            “Hm, it looks like part of you likes it.” he cooed as he ran his hands through my hair. He brought his lips close to mine and chuckled before pressing them to me. I moaned softly into his mouth as his hand caressed my thigh, and just as I was starting to lose myself, his lips where gone. He climbed off of me and skipped back to the dressing room. “I think I will buy this. You stay here and I will be right back.” he smiled and disappeared. I laughed to myself as I tried to calm down. It probably wouldn’t be the best thing in the world if I got a hard on in the middle of the mall. I closed my eyes and leaned my head against the back of the chair for a while. It wasn’t until I heard a soft, deep, dark chuckle and felt a warm hand slide over my shoulder that I opened my eyes. Kyuhyun towered over me, tall and gorgeous.

            “Hello there darling.” He smiled. His voice was so deep and soothing. It made me want to curl up on his chest and fall asleep.

            “Kyuhyun...Hi...” I mumbled and stood up to face him. I was taller than him, so he no longer towered over me and I felt less vulnerable. “What are you doing here?”

            “Nothing really, killing time I guess. What about you, why aren't you in school?” he asked. I threw a look over my shoulder, searching for Heechul.

            “I, uh, kinda got pulled into shopping today.” I mumbled, Kyuhyun laughed.

            “Man, 'Rella has already got you trained. That's funny.”

            “What's that supposed to mean?” I snapped. I felt like he was making fun of me, and it doesn't matter how beautiful he was, I wasn't going to put up with it.

            “Nothing, I’m just saying that you’re just like all the other toys.” His laugh was so beautiful and dark, it angered me.

            “Kyuhyunnie?” a sharp, feminine voice called. Kyuhyun looked over his shoulder nervously as I gave him a questioning look.

            “Fuck. Sungmin and I are fighting right now because he can’t keep his dick in his pants. I really don’t want to talk to him.” He groaned and ran his hands through his hair. Sungmin called his name again, he sounded much closer. I could see Kyuhyun looking for a way to get out of talking to Sungmin. Before I knew what happened, I felt one of Kyuhyun’s strong hands wrap around my waist while the other came to rest on the nape of my neck. He pulled me close to his body, his chest was soft and warm and comforting. Over his shoulder I saw Sungmin round the corner, and then Kyuhyun pressed his lips to mine. I was lost in a daze, his lips were smooth, but his kiss was rough and demanding. His tongue danced around my mouth causing my head to spin. He smelled so manly and calming, I felt myself melting into the kiss as his hand began to run through my hair, pushing me closer and closer to him.

            “You bitch…” I heard Sungmin mutter before leaving, breaking me of Kyuhyun’s spell. I pushed away, stunned at the sudden loss of heat. I felt my pants tighten as he glared at me, licking his lips.

            “Thanks hun. I can see why Heechul likes you so much.” He laughed his dark laugh and walked after Sungmin. I sighed, annoyed with myself, as I sat back down in the chair. What the hell just happened?

            I didn’t have much time to think about it before I heard Heechul’s voice calling

            “Mi darling, let’s go…NOW!”

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