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Title: It looks like Rain Pairing: BiWon [Bi Rain and Siwon],…

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Title: It looks like Rain
Pairing: BiWon [Bi Rain and Siwon], mention of SiChul
Rating: NC-17 [nothing but smut here]
Authors Note: I wrote this a while ago, before Rain started his own Label. I am not 100% sure what made
me think of this coupling, but the more and more I thought about it the more and more I needed to write smut for it, so I did. 
I hope you enjoy these two buff men getting it on. : D

    I still couldn't believe what I was doing. Faking sick, skipping practices and stalking Rain. This was so out of character for me. But, I has to have him. Especially after the dream I had last night. I woke up, sweaty and obviously turned on. I could still hear dream Rain's grunting in my ear. I could still feel his tongue running across me. I groaned and shook my head, all I was accomplishing by reliving this was turning myself on all over again. This was driving me crazy. 
From across the room I saw Rain (in a bad 'I'm not a celebrity' disguise) stand and head for the bathroom. I knew that I had to make my move now. I waited for a moment, then followed him. When I finally reached the bathroom he had his back to me, washing his hands. I whispered his name, just barely loud enough for him to hear me over the running water. He paused for a moment, turned off the water and turned to face me. He looked shocked. I tried to say something, but all words disappeared from my mind.
"Siwon?" he questioned. Hearing my name fall from his sweet lips was too much. I grabbed his arm, pulled him to me and slammed my lips against his. I expected his to push me away in disgust, or punch me, or something along those lines but I was wrong. He responded to my kiss by wrapping his wet hands around my neck and pulling me closer.

   I could hear my heart pounding in my ears. I could feel blood rushing through my body. I would have screamed in happiness if it weren't for the fact that Siwon's tongue was exploring my mouth. I couldn't believe that this was happening. I was half expecting to wake up in a cold sweat with a huge erection. I felt Siwon's hands slid down my chest and grab the bottom of my shirt. He had pulling it half way and had just started to let his hands travel over my chest when we heard the door open. He pulled away from my quickly and in a panic pushed me into the nearest stall. We both knew that if anyone saw us, or got solid proof of what just happened, we would both be in big trouble with SM and JYP.
   We stood, motionless and silent until the guy left. After a long pause Siwon started laughing. I laughed as well. It was a pretty funny situation Two male pop icons locked in a bathroom stall because someone almost caught them making out. After the laughter died down we stared awkwardly at each other, neither one really knowing what to say, and though we both knew what we wanted, no one was willing to make the first move. Finally I swallowed my fear and asked
"Hey, would you want to...get out of here and go somewhere?" Siwon smiled, kissed me on the cheek and replied "I thought you would never ask."

   I couldn't believe it. I was in Rain's house, no, even better, I was in Rain's ROOM! I was so happy. When I had first got that we were both nervous. We weren't really sure what to do. Now I was just sitting on his bed as Rain flipped through radio stations.
      "Life couldn't get better. HEY!-"   the words filled the room and he quickly shut the radio off.
   "How about we don't listen to music..." he laughed and walked over to me. I took his hand and softly pulled him onto the bed. Then, because I am so used to taking control in these situations, I pushed Rain onto his back and straddled him. His eyes met mine and I smiled at him before I leaned in to kiss his soft, sweet lips.

   The pressure of him sitting on my chest, his hands wrapped in my hair, his tongue lightly touching my lips, it was all amazing. I was trying to keep up with him, but I had never done this with another guy before. So, I let Siwon take control and I was just going to follow his lead. He pulled me up just long enough to rid me of my shirt and toss it across the room before pushing me back down. He stared in amazement at my chest and abs while slowly running his hands over them.
   "Heechul never had muscles like this..." he mumbled to himself. I was confused, but before I could ask him any questions he lowered his head and placed his lips around my nipple. His hand quickly found the other and began to playfully pinch and twist and suck on them. It felt amazing.

He was delicious. I had never tasted anything as good as him. I'd never felt skin as soft as his. I'd never smelt such a scent as his. I'd never heard a sweeter voice groan with pleasure. I'd never seen a body more beautiful. My scenes were swimming in pleasure. I traced each and every one of his defined abs with my finger, then my tongue, as I made my way to Rain's waist. I touched the button on his pants and softly kissed the area bellow his belly button. I was asking permission to go on. I could tell by his clumsy hands and slight hesitance that he hadn't done this before, so I wanted to make sure that he was completely ready for this. I looked up and his eyes met mine. I saw a hint of uncertainty and I kissed his stomach again to reassure him. He nodded for me to go on.

   I was scared. I wanted this, so bad, but I had no idea what to expect.

I undid his button and zipper with my teeth. It was a talent that Heechul had taught me over the years. I softly flowered the newly exposed skin with kissed as I slowly rubbed the growing bulged in his pants. He shivered and I smiled. He was ready. I carefully removed his pants and boxers and beamed at the prize that awaited me. He was definitely bigger then Heechul, and that was saying A LOT. I gently place my lips around the tip of his cock and began to swallow his slowly. Inch by inch I took him into my mouth and just as slowly I pulled him out. I softly licked the slit, tasting the precum. He twitched and sighed.

I was having trouble breathing, my heart was pounding. He was doing things to me that no woman had ever done. It was wonderful. Siwon pulled away from me just long enough to coat two of his fingers with his saliva, then he returned his mouth to my cock. I felt his wet fingers slowly begin to circle my anus. The feeling of it was almost more then I could stand. He sucked harder to distract me from the pain of one of his fingers slowly pushing into my ass. I gasped and he paused.
   "Do you want me to stop?" he voice was husky and full of lust. I couldn't think straight, but I did know that if he stopped now, I would never feel this kind of pleasure ever again. I shook my head and thrust my hips towards him. He smiled and let his finger gently start to probe me in places no one had ever touched. It hurt, but behind that pain was a ting of pleasure that seemed to grow stronger with every movement of his finger. I felt like I was ready to explode, but some how Siwon was keeping my orgasm at bay. After a few more minutes of sucking and probing he added a second finger, I was in pure bliss. He twisted and twirled his fingers and began to stretch my tight hole. I couldn't take it anymore...I wanted him in me.

He wanted it. I had tried to prepare his as best I could for what was about to happen. He was grinding hard against my fingers and bucking against my mouth. He was ready. I climbed off of his and removed my clothed. My cock was aching and throbbing for him. I lifted his legs in the air and swished some spit around my mouth. Once I had enough I brought my head down and slowly ran my tongue around his entrance, letting the saliva soak him and drip down onto the bed. I then pulled him up to me and nibbled his earlobe as I whispered,
   "This is going to hurt at first"  His eyes looked into mine and I could see that he was intoxicated with passion.
   "I don't care." he moaned as I rubbed the head of my cock against his hole. I grabbed his hair and pulled his to me. My lips met his and our tongues danced as I carefully began to push myself into him. Rain cried out in pain and I began to kiss his neck as he told me not to stop. I took my time entering him and when my cock was fully sheathed in his tight, warm ass I took a deep breath.
   "You doing ok?" I asked as I kissed his tear streaked face and used all my strength to stop myself from thrusting into him.
   "I'm good" he whimpered. I kissed him again as I slowly started moving in and out of him. With each movement I made he began to relax. The more he relaxed the harder I began to thrust.

It had hurt so much at first. So much that I almost wanted him to stop, but some how the pain melted away and was replaced by sheer pleasure. Siwon was now slamming into me. The bed shook and our moans filled the air. His hands found my aching cock and began to stroke it as he pounded my ass. I was so close to cumming. He took one final, hard thrust into and I shot white, hot liquid all over my stomach. Seeing me cum caused Siwon to buck and fill me with his cum. I could feel it flow out of me as he pulled out. Then, to my surprise, he began to lap up his own cum as it dripped out of my ass. After he finished there he cleaned my stomach with his tongue as well.  The taste of out juices mixed together reached my lips as he kissed me. We fell asleep wrapped in each others arms, sweaty and panting.

  • Just wanted to say I like the style in which this was written also love your username. Zhou Mi is beautiful :)
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